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Re: email alias postfix procmail

On Sun, Nov 05, 2000 at 05:38:12PM +0100, dirk@xs4all.nl wrote:
> set postmaster "dirk"
> poll pop.xs4all.nl aka xs4all.nl with proto POP3
>    user "dirk" there with password "very-secret"  
>       to dirk 
>       to adb=anna 
>       limit 100000 warnings 3600
> this "to adb=anna" delivers adb@xs4all.nl to
> anna@cb400.honda. This configuration wasn't hard to find,
> but, it didn't work without the "aka xs4all.nl" So I spent
> hours looking for what was wrong and just overlooked this
> simple aka.
> I am curious why it is important. If someone could explain? 

have a look at the description of the 'dns' option.
It has to do with controlling to whom the mail is addressed too.
The aka option enlarges the list of properly formed addresses by,
in your case, allowing mail to e.g. dirk@xs4all.nl. Without it
such mail would be dropped, only mail to dirk@pop.xs4all.nl or
to adb@pop.xs4all.nl would get delivered. (well I think to have
read that mail to e.g. dirk@your-local-host-names get delivered
anyhow, not sure though)

groetjes, carel

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