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Help needed on Gimp imlib error


I don't know what is going on. I have a pretty vanilla system runnng 2.2, E,
and a strict minimum of mainly console apps. Gimp was working fine. I loaded
and off-loaded a couple things and now I find that when I open a file in
Gimp (default version on board), on the third or fourth I will get intense
HDD thrashing and the following:

IMLIB ERROR: SHM can't get SHM identifier for shared XImage and another for
shared pixmap wrapper.

Has it nothing to do with the recent instalations and removals? Has it been
this way from the start because I installed it with apt-get instead of
dselect and some crucial file was missing?

Much thanks because as it is it's unusable, and I need it.


PS I installed and deinstalled several times. No go

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