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Re: Which editor for programming?

Hi Shao,

Quoth Shao Zhang, 
> Could you let us know how you live on both emacs and vim? Do you have to
> use the vi mode in emacs when using emacs?
> I tried out emacs before and cannot use it at all without the vi mode.
> Eg. C-d in vim scrolls page down but deletes lines in emacs...

Umm... Basically I just made a point to learn enough about both of them. 

Vim is very cool, and fast, and has great syntax highlighting, and is
perfect for just about everything. But when it came to my thesis using
LaTeX, I figured I needed something with a bit more balls - something
that was written for hard-core document production. So I bit the bullet
and decided to learn EMACS. The main thing I did was to sit down and
work through the tutorial, which was very helpful. 

The xemacs20-support package also has a nifty little reference card,
located at /usr/lib/xemacs-20.4/etc/refcard3.ps - I just printed this
out double sided and use it as an aide memoir. Between this and the
LaTeX manual, I'm doing quite well (considering I'm a criminologist, and
not a computer scientist).

I think the idea of using emacs to emulate vi is a little disturbing,
frankly! It's a bit like sitting on top of a tank and pretending it's a
mountain bike.



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