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Re: Which editor for programming?

Damien wrote:
> > I am not a newbie (using Debian for 3 years now, programming with pico for
> > 5), I prefer clean interfaces, and to remain outside of the jihad of
> > editors.
> pico is clean the same way the microsoft windows interface is clean. reality
> is you've become quite adept in pico, despite its lacking as a text editor.
> rather than invest the energy to learn something more suited to the task
> (programming in pico? argh!) you find it easier to continue with what you
> know.
> which is fair enough, too. a lot of people do it. but i wouldn't call pico
> 'clean'
> ;o)

Well, I've entered the thread right now, but I wonder why nobody talked
about emacs. I think it's simply great for everything. If you have to
learn "one" editor, emacs is the right choice (sounds like a commercial,
doesn't it ;-)


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