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Re: Installing LILO in MBR or in another partition

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Many thanks to David Maze and Jason Holland for their help with this
question: I now have a happily working system.

On Sat, Nov 04, 2000 at 02:48:54PM -0500, David Z Maze wrote:

> I think the default setup for Debian is to use a fairly simple MBR,
> which lets the user press any of "1234" to boot to /dev/hda[1234],
> repsectively.

That sounds like what came with Debian when I first installed it
before experimenting with Mandrake.  I hadn't realised that it had
come in a package called "MBR", though.


> TB> Please could someone explain whether it is safe to install LILO in the
> TB> MBR?  Alternatively, what *can* I put in the MBR to replace the
> TB> current installation of grub (whose configuration is sitting in the
> TB> Mandrake partition)?
> You could:
> -- Install LILO in the MBR.  There's nothing actually wrong with doing 
>    that.
> -- Install the Debian MBR (from the mbr package) in the MBR.
> -- Reinstall grub in the MBR, either tweaking the grub configuration
>    you have in Mandrake to boot Debian, too, or starting over with
>    configuration in Debian.

I've now successfully installed LILO in the MBR, choosing that chiefly
because I'm more familiar with that than either the Debian MBR or
grub and had more documentation handy for it.

(That's not always the best basis for choosing software, though -- a
similar mindset kept me persevering with sendmail for rather longer
than necessary before switching to the rather friendlier Exim last

Best wishes,
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Terry Boon, Hertfordshire, UK
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