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Re: Printer & DOC's

On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 13:45, Helgi Örn wrote:

> I need to configure my printer (Epson Stylus Color 640) in Potato but I
> can't figure out howto do that, there's no doc's on that and not one
> word in 'Learning Debian GNU/Linux either, neither do I find the program
> 'xconfig' to get the right module (potato didn't want to install lp
> during the main installation process). So the queation is; how do I
> install and configure printer in Debian 2.2?

You'll need the parport and parport_pc (assuming i386) modules installed
to install the lp module.

Then, here are my notes from my potato install (YMMV):

# apt-get install lpr magicfilter djtools
# apt-get install gs-aladdin gsfonts a2ps enscript
# magicfilterconfig --force
  (/dev/lp0 -- not /dev/lp1 which is the default)

> Another question is; is there a friendly program for reading all the
> HOWTO's and FAQ's in a convenient manner?

Install apache or boa and use a browser:

lynx http://localhost/doc/

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