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Re: Lilo and vga=mode Question

On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 03:56:36AM +0100, Peter Palfrader wrote:
-|Hi Christopher!
-|On Thu, 02 Nov 2000, Christopher W. Aiken wrote:
-|> 9  0122  100x30
-|> BTW...  I have tried all the modes and they all work for me.
-|> I just want to automatically start in "mode=9".
-|If you had read the docs carefully, you would have read somewhere, that
-|this "0122" is hex but lilo does not accept hex values.
-|vga=290 should work.
-|					yours,
-|					peter

Thanks !!!  That worked.  Where did you find docu on this stuff?
I must have tried "man" on everything I could think of.

Christopher W. Aiken, Scenery Hill, Pa, USA
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