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ISDN Dial In


i just got my first debian cd's ever and everything worked fine yet.
but like every time i have problems setting up the ISDN connection (maybe 
it's the most complicated task cause i can't get online help during the 
configuration ;)
i installed the isdnutils package, the kernel modules for the isdn system and 
the isdncard are up and running.
i executed isdnconfig and created the config files.
i changed the values for my localmsn, the remote msn and my username.
finally i created /etc/pap-secrets and added my username and password.
now when i try to connect, imon shows me online for about a second and then 
in /var/log/messages everything i see is the same; that it disconnects 
immidiatly after login.
so i think this is an authentication error.
unfortunatly the debian online book i know doesn't tell anything about 
authentication it just says "read the documentation".
and the isdnutils documentation just says "you have to add an entry to 
pap-secrets" well this is not much informative :(
does anyone in this list got his isdn dialin with athentification working and 
could tell me what exactly i have to do (maybe i missed something)?
or can anyone give me hint how to find the error?
btw, my provider is t-online (germany).

- Daniel

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