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Re: dead hoarse, crawling away.

Was there a point in there? Or, was that just an exercise of complete bollocks?

On Thursday, November 2, 2000, at 12:05 PM, guran remberg wrote:

> Hi 
> I have just read an article by a chap named Kurt Seifrieds, which was 
> mainly about security on Debian. I was alarmed and have decided to 
> switch to Red Hat as many experts advises can be used to secure it. 
> There are a few remarks I want to make as a sign off: 
> Let me paraphrase a chap called Wittgenstein on a sentence like: "This 
> is a blue chair." Many humans could argue about whether the chair is a 
> stool but most humans might start a big row about the correct colour of 
> the object in question. 
> Thus only a computer program might all the time return the same "blue 
> chair" when asked to find it. In ordinary speak one might say that look 
> at your dog or car and I might say who you are. One might then question 
> whether humans which uses computers most of the time might change to 
> believe that what they do or say in a true and scientific manner are 
> actually a scientific truth. 
> As an example take the warming up of the floppy disk drive when writing 
> a boot disk. I have not locked my setting as advised but instead written 
> down all values found when doing it. On two different machines I have 
> found (1700 +/- 80) and (1600 +/- 80), and disks can be read by each 
> drive. Thus the scientific method is wasted on an 'antenna' whose 
> half-width is larger than the possible gap of settings. To hold on to 
> what is proven science and not change might leave you in a pathetic 
> stone age society. Instead you might learn about a natural way of living 
> in 'Chaos' and not believe that the pendulum is fully mathematically 
> mapped and understood. You can start by using the Lorentz contractor as 
> your screensaver. 
> It is then possible that you may be painting yourself into a corner, 
> with your proprietary way of naming standard libraries and down-patching 
> found bugs instead of upgrading. 
> But it is a free choice and you may reign your way. 
> bye 
> guran 
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