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Re: Which editor for programming?

Stephan Kulka <e9626471@student.tuwien.ac.at> writes:

> I started programming in C and I would like to know whether there is an
> editor which is especially good for writing and editing source code. At
> the moment I am using vi at the command line.

Emacs is very powerful, have a look at it. In the begining, you could
think that it's quite complicated to work with Emacs. But, when you've
become familiar with it, you don't want anything else. :]

(I'm waiting for the people shouting "Hey, he asked for an editor, not
for an OS!" ;)

> Besides I would like to know where to start reading about using the
> shellvariables, e.g. PATH .

Handling variables is shell dependent, so using them should be
documented in the manual of you shell. (Bash has a great and very
detailed info page, it's in the package bash-doc).

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