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imap mail server

I am going to be migrating my other company's mail servers from redhat 6.x
using the UW imap server to debian 2.2 running hopefully a more robust
IMAP server. what i think i want is cyrus imapd. so i'm asking if anybody
has an experience to share with me migrating to this system on debian. I
suppose the big thing is the way mail is stored is there a way to convert
it over to the format cyrus uses? or will i need to fire up both and move
it using a IMAP client. getting nice new beefy servers too dual 800 256MB
with ultra160 drives for storage, each mail server handles on average 40
accounts. im sure these new servers will have more then enough power to
handle the load. the main problem with UW imapd is the cpu utilization it
has when users have thousands of messages in their mailbox(security is
another but it's not as important as performance in this case, i know uw
imapd is swiss cheese). i read that cyrus's imap is much more efficient in
this case. currently the redhat servers use qmail for email but im
strongly leaning away from qmail because of lack of effective spam filters
in it.

thanks for any suggestions you may have:)  i haven't used any other imap
server other then uw imap yet, and sendmail is my MTA of choice(because of
the spam filters mainly and its less complex to met hen qmail, excluding
that sendmail.cf of course!)


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