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Re: Tcl development conf.

> Hi!!
> I have a little problem because I am trying to compile something that requires 
> the development files of Tcl/Tk. I
> have installed both packages (tcl8.2-dev/tk8.2-dev), but it turns out that the 
> configure script of this program
> does not find tcl.h. I have checked that the standard installation of this two 
> packages place everything under
> tcl8.2 subdir in /usr/include, so that is why it is not found? 

You can use the compiler -I switch.

> How do you 
> enable ldconfig to automatically look
> there to find the include files? Is it just a question of making a soft link 
> somewhere (for example in
> /usr/local/include?) or there is a more elegant alternative?

Isn't ldconfig meant to be used with bins and you are dealing with src? 

> I know that this is so to enable different version of Tcl/tk to be installed, 
> but it breaks all the autoconf files in every package I run "configure"...

Perhaps there is a way to tell autoconf where that file is located?

> Thanks in advance for the help!!
> Nacho.
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