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DocBook and ISO Latin 2


i'm trying to use DocBook to write documentation.
I'm using slovak language, so I have to use ISO
Latin 2 characters.

so, I have some-doc.sgml and when I run:

$ sgmltools -b txt some-doc-with-il2.sgml

then isolat2 characters, which are not in
iso-latin-1 map, will be converted into 7bit

-b html works, but sgmltools generates no iso-lat-2
header and output is messed. (closing brackets on next

-b rtf generates hard-encoded values as '56 and so on,
and I think, that it's bad.

I looked into /usr/lib/sgml/charsets/ and found iso88591.map
but iso88592.map is not there.

does exist some tag to tell to DocBook, that I want to
use ISO-Latin-2? like metat-tag content-type in html?

i'm using potato with upgraded docbook package to 4.1


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