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Re: gnome shortcuts

  you might try to start gnome desktop, forgot which program it is, I
once started it accidentally... try gnome control center..., gnome panel
or something liked that...


Debian Ghost wrote:
> Hey All,
> Silly little question here.
> I can swear I used to drag icons from the Gnome pager to the desktop to
> create a "shortcut". I recently had to reinstall enlightenment (not
> gnome) but when I started X again, all my gnome stuff was gone. When I try
> to drag icons off the main gnome pager to the desktop, they don't
> stick. It is like a paper icon that flies back to the pager. Could anyone
> tell me what I am doing wrong and suggest a way to get icons on the
> desktop.
> I also use multiple virtual desktops and sometimes the gnome pager will be
> on all of them and sometimes it will only pop up on my original desktop
> but not the other desktops. Anyone have a clue about that?
> Thanks so much,
> D. Ghost
> 'space ghost using debian'
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