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KDE 2.0 for potato: no Packages file, no libmng?


	First, many thanks to Ivan Moore for packaging the KDE stuff.
I administer about 150 Debian systems, and we use KDE extensively.
I really appreciate having it!

	I downloaded the new KDE 2.0 packages for potato last night
from the mirror at sourceforge.net <http://ftp.sourceforge.net/pub/mirrors/kde/stable/2.0/distribution/deb/Debian/dists/potato>.
There are no Packages files there, but I managed to generate some
using dpkg-scanpackages(8).  Much to my chagrin, after getting that
working, most of the new KDE 2.0 packages for potato seem to depend
on libmng, which isn't included in the KDE stuff at sourceforge.net.
There's a version for woody, but it depends on a newer version of libc6.

	Any suggestions?  Perhaps I just need to wait a bit for things
to settle down.  Or should I be looking somewhere else?  Either way,
I'm happy to help somehow, or be patient if that's all I need to do. :)

Tres Hofmeister <tres@rap.ucar.edu>      http://www.rap.ucar.edu/~tres/
Research Applications Program, National Center for Atmospheric Research

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