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Re: inetd in netbase package

-> My question is why inetd is part of netbase. I would like to have a system
-> that don't run inetd but I would like to be able to use the other commands
-> that are part of netbase, like telnet (out from the machine), traceroute
-> etc.

Well,personally I want to havce inetd services but I wandt xinetd to provide
them. Maybe inetd should be split into package inetd and xinetd would
provide the same functionality. 

The same probably about syslogd versus syslog-ng; I don't need syslogd
installed. the problem is syslogd is in the same package as klogd and I need
klogd. Maybe sysklogd should be splitted into twopackages and syslog-ng
would provide syslogd...

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