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Re: Idea: Master Debian FAQ (newbie-centric)

I too would be interested in developing this.

I know I can offer up a begining list of questions
that don't apear to be answered in any one place with
brevity and clarity.  But the clarity I personally am
looking for is one filtered through windows.  I'm a
crossdressing newbie.  I'm fleeing the apron strings
of M$ and trying to learn Linux but constrained by my
dos perspective.  It's harder to unlearn than to learn
afresh so appending M$ similarities to the answers of
FAQ's would be enormously helpfull.   

I know windows,  and computing philosphy well so what
I want is specific answers to hurdle questions in an
order that reflects when I'm likly to encounter them.

I don't think I'm too different from most people who
arrive at Linux from another path.  I decide to learn
Linux and begin by obtaining the OS, loading it,
setting it up and then adding the applications I want.
 Having done this hundreds of times with all flavours
of MS, OS2 and Mac OS's I'm looking for a parallel
type of experience.

I suppose I'm describing the need for a How-To but one
that is stucture like a FAQ list with plug-in,
pull-out answers and links to further reading.

A big task but one that would satisfy the defecting
user who wants to get their hands dirty in the guts of
an OS by building it themselves, like a custom car. 
Debian Linux is for drivers, not passengers.  Because
I've driven before, just give me the keys, point out
the order of things and I'll work it out from there. 
I don't want to re-learn, I want to adjust.

Anyway, I don't know if I'm subverting the orignal
intention but I'll work on an ordered list of
questions for whatever group that takes this on.


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--- Kenward Vaughan <kaynjay@igalaxy.net> wrote:
> Bill, 
> Count me in on this.  I'm another one of those
> people who's been at it for a
> while, but still feel very newbie-ish about (too)
> Many things.  I'd love to 
> put some time into helping the people who work so
> hard putting the system
> together.  Whatever I can contribute to, I'll do...
> A thought I'll throw in quickly is to ask
> contributors to include a list of
> reference material for the reader to hit when they
> are ready, whether that
> be man pages, info, linux gazette, gnome help
> system, web sites, or whatever.
> Not necessarily complete, but hopefully a good start
> with room for others to
> throw in their favorites.
> Kenward Vaughan
> On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 02:22:35PM -0500, William
> Jensen wrote:
> > Greetings folks,
> > 
> > As a newcomer to Debian I, like many since I've
> joined this list, ask typical
> > newbie questions about the some basic things.  If
> we take a step back and look
> > at the big picture there is a basic group of
> things new users want to get
> > accomplished.  For example most users want to send
> mail to other people.  While
> > we could say to them "go RTFM!" that is hardly
> what they are asking for.  If
> > they did take that RTFM advice...how many of them
> do you think would stay
> > around?  Not a lot likely.  HOWTO's, README's, etc
> are fine and dandy and
> ...
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