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Re: Introduction.

Rick Hayner wrote:
> Hello to all here.
> I am a very new debian user, and I have some questions, as well as I
> want to introduce myself.
> My name is Rick Hayner, and I am 52 years of age, totally blind since
> birth, and also have mild Cerebral Palsy.
> I have been a debian user since sunday.  I'm looking for some
> information concerning the /etc directory structure.  because of the
> way the confituration utility is written, i am having some problems
> using it, so I would like to be able to find out where the
> configuration files for different packages are installed.  Any

  just read the files, mostof the packages have the config file the same
(or similar) to either package name or program name. Config files for X
programs are (mostly?) under /etc/X11

  I think you're just going to have to go through the files, read them,
read the comments etc... at least that's what I do.

  it often helps to use dpkg -L packageName to find out which files were

  note that some config files are automatically generated from files
that each package provides - for example /etc/modules.conf

> documentation concerning this would be emencely helpful.  I have been
> using slackware for a year and a half, but now that I've used apt-get,
> there is no way I'm ever changing distros again.
> I have one other comment.  I had to have pon modified, because when it
> is run as it is installed, there is nothing echoed to the terminal or
> the console to tell me whether my connection succeded or failed.  I
> it in the background solved this problem for me.  If anyone has a
> better suggestion, I'd like to hear about it.


  tail -f /var/log/ppp.log

  it won't notify you automatically but if you read it you will see
what's going on...


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