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Re: killing old netscapes

> From: Dwight Johnson <dwj@aaronsrod.com>

> [Netscape] is a piece of
> shoddy and amateurish programming that is a disgrace to the profession.


Try this and tell me if it crashes your Netscape too:

- MAKE SURE YOU'RE READY FOR NETSCAPE TO CRASH (any bookmark edits saved, 
- Open up the bookmarks window.
- Click on some bookmark.
- Open up the bookmarks properties window.
- Without closing the properties window, click on a bookmark separator 
  (back in the bookmarks window). 
- Click on some bookmark, or try to close the bookmarks property window
  or bookmarks window.

This bug has existed for years, I finally figured it out and reported it
to Netscape probably a year ago, and it STILL exists!

I sure hope Netscape 6 / Mozilla are better (and hope they don't take away 
old functionality like the ability to leave the bookmarks properties window 
open and edit multiple bookmarks, without having to repeatly open and close 
the properties window as on Windows).

Daniel Barclay
(Hmm.  A little worrisome:  http://www.junkbusters.com/cgi-bin/privacy
                            http://www.anonymizer.com/snoop.cgi )

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