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Re: tuning scsi performance?

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 05:41:59PM -0700, nate@firetrail.com wrote:
> what are you using to capture video? i had major frame droppings on
> 7200RPM ultra 2 scsi with dual celeron 466 and 256MB of ram .. using BT848
> ..the drivers just aren't good enough for high fps capture(more then say
> 10fps) ...ive yet to try it with my new p3-800 10k rpm drive and 512MB ram
> but i expect the same results.

I'm capturing with an iomega buz.  I'm capturing at dropframe rate
(29.9fps), at decimation 2.... when I bump it up to decimation 1 (full
frame capture) then things start going south.

Some stupid math ( 30fps * 720w * 480h * 24bpp * ( 1B / 8b ) ) gives
me 38MBs with no compression.  I'm using 40% jpeg compression which
should cut that down by way more than half.

Bottom line, maybe its the drivers.  I'd try it in windows, but I
don't have an extra box right now.  Thats why I'm trolling for tips.

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