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Re: exim help needed (fwd)

Krzys Majewski <majewski@cs.ubc.ca> writes:

> > Choose one of these (probably the first) and, if your school will
> > let you use them as a smarthost, you should be set.
> I did this.  Mutt claims to send  my mail (in other words  it does not
> complain),  but  the mail  is  never sent.

Are you sure, that the mail is not *sent*?

> I don't see anything in /var/spool/mqueue, though perhaps I
> shouldn't.

If you tell Mutt to send the mail, it gives it to exim via a command.
With 'mailq' you can see your mail queue, it is empty? So, it could
be, that the mail is already sent by exim. Check the log files in
/var/log for more information...

Oh, I've an idea. Some mail servers (for example GMX's ones) filter
(yes, they just kick them out) mails, which have some header wrong
header entries. For example, if you have an "X-Sender:
foo@my.local.nonexistent.host" entry, it gets filtered out by GMX,
IIRC. Try sending yourself a mail local, just to
login@myhostname. Does this mail arrive? Can you see, wether it has
"bad" headers?

> Maybe someone who has this working can just send me the
> relevant config files, for either exim or any other MTA (though
> preferably not the gargantuan sendmail).

The standard eximconfig has alway worked fine for me.

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