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Re: First Install

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 05:34:42AM -0700, ian mckerrow wrote:
> Thanks Thomas.
> I am using potato and when i use filesystem i'm asked
> to "Enter the dirctory the Debian mirror is located
> in.  Enter mirror directory".  It defaults to
> "/debian" and i have placed the pkgs there (on the dos
> partition).  Unfortunatly it then says "Mirror not
> found. The directory does not exist". 
> I cannot mount the dos partition prior to this as on
> reboot, after first install of the Debian Linux files
> from the dos partition, it automaticly runs this
> Debian configuration sequence.
> Any further ideas?

With alt-fX you can switch to a shell. there you can 
mount the partition.

Thomas Guettler
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