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Re: Sound Volume in Gnome

Oh okay. I did find a pretty good workaround, but your solution sounds good also.
Whichever you prefer I guess. My solution is in my Gnome Startup Programs I put gmix -i
as one of the programs. gmix is the gnome audio mixer program, but when called with the
-i option it just initializes the mixer and restores the users previous settings. This
is a great solution exept for the fact that you have to do it for each user and if you
play sounds from outside gnome before you play sounds in gnome, you'll get really loud
volumes again. Perhaps both of our solutions together would be the best? Thanks. -Jeff

tjm wrote:

> Jeff Hornsberger wrote:
> >
> > Hi, I just moved over from RH and when I used gnome on there it used to
> > save and restore my sound volume settings when I logged in and out. I
> > sort of have that working in Debian (Woody), except it only restores my
> > sound settings after I run the gnome mixer program once. When I reboot
> > it resets the audio levels to very high volumes. Anybody know how to fix
> > this? Thanks. -Jeff
> >
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> If you find a way to do this, please let me know.  I have
> the same problem.  But, here's a workaround.  There is a
> program called 'volume' that can be run at boot time
> through the module options.  I placed the following code
> in /etc/modutils/arch/i386:
> post-install sb /bin/volume 10
> So my i386 file now looks like this.
> ...
> alias midi awe_wave
> options sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1 dma16=5 mpu_io=0x330
> post-install sb /bin/volume 10
> ...
> When this is entered, run update-modules and the
> modules.conf file will be updated, the lines being
> added to that file.  I just posted the sound module
> lines here.  Your entry may be somewhat different
> depending on what your loading, of course, but the key
> command line is the post-install.  This runs the
> volume program after the sound modules are loaded
> and sets the volume to 10 percent.
> The volume-2.1.tgz should be attached.  There may be
> other programs that do the same thing, but this worked
> so I didn't really look any further.
> --
> tony mollica
> tmollica@silcom.com
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                         Name: volume-2.1.tar.gz
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