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I've tried to make my HP Laserjet 4L to work for two nights now, and I am in
need for some help. The problem is: gs prints ps-files so that only one
fourth (top-left corner) of ps is actually printed (fitted on one sheet).
I've checked ps's with ghostview, and they are shown just like they should
be. I've tried with many of gs's Laserjet drivers, with same result. Command
I've used: gs -q -sDEVICE=ljet4 -sOutputFile=/dev/lp0 test.ps HOWTO points
out this problem, but tells that I should tweak driver's source. Is this
really the only way? And what about ifhp, could I use it instead of gs? With
it I've been able to print text files perfectly, but from ps's only couple
of lines containing postscript commands prints out.
Thanks in advance.

Petteri Heinonen
email: h157056@cs.tut.fi
tel.:  +358 (0)50 3363 286
addr.: Pehkusuonkatu 21 B 38
33820 Tampere, FIN

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