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Re: Q: Best PPP dial-up console mail app?

On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 09:46:11AM -0700, thus spake Tyrin Price:
> I use a combination of mutt, fetchmail and procmail.  Mutt for reading
> and composing, fetchmail for pop retrieval and procmail for filtering.
> When you compose and send mail in mutt while offline it still goes
> into your smtp send queue.  Just issue the command to send queued mail
> when you re-connect.  That command depends on what you are using for
> smtp.
> * Jonathan Gift <jgift@wanadoo.fr> [15Oct00 18:18 +0200]:
> > I have a 56k dial up using pon and poff and was wondering which of the
> > console choices would allow me to fetch and dl mail? Also write off-line,
> > then log on and send. Mutt and Pine I have heard about. The ability to
> > filter into assorted folders (like for mailing lists) would be a necessity.

Hopefully you have Exim as your mail transport agent.
Fetchmail to fetch the mail down from your ISP's server (the gui
configurator is a mixed blessing.)
Procmail, invoked by Exim, to sort the post into folders, destroy duplicate
messages, send out automated replies and geenrally to be it's gorgeous self.
And the wonderful Mutt to read the post, compose new mails etc. (Using your
favourite editor!)

It can be fun configuring procmail and mutt.  Try this site for a very fully
commented .procmailrc and .muttrc which you can use, having made appropriate
alterations. Nothing fancy but a good start. 


Here is an  extract from Martin Holland's "Noether Linux Pages" on
fetchmail - may help.

Fetchmail configuration 

The best way to collect your mail from your ISP is with fetchmail. To configure it you need
to create a file /root/.fetchmailrc looking like this: 

set postmaster "marge"
set no bouncemail      

poll pop.freeserve.net proto pop3
localdomains "simpsons.freeserve.co.uk"
envelope "Envelope-to" no dns timeout 60
username "simpsons.freeserve.co.uk" password "xxxxxxxx" to * here

This file is appropriate to version 5 of fetchmail so if you have trouble with an earlier
version consider upgrading. Make sure that this file has the correct permissions with chmod
0600 /root/.fetchmailrc otherwise fetchmail won't run (and this protects
your password from casual inspection). 


Glyn M

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