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Re: Q: Best PPP dial-up console mail app?

Jonathan Gift <jgift@wanadoo.fr> said:

> Hi,
> I have a 56k dial up using pon and poff and was wondering which of the
> console choices would allow me to fetch and dl mail? Also write off-line,
> then log on and send. Mutt and Pine I have heard about. The ability to
> filter into assorted folders (like for mailing lists) would be a necessity.
> This for a single account.

Mailreader: A quick examination of the 973 mails I've received
on the debian-user list so far shows that 399 were composed by
Mutters so if you'd like to..hurler avec les loups, use mutt ;)

Filtering: Exim is already installed for you and set up to use
procmail as its local postman. All you need is a .procmailrc in
your home directory with rules on what folders you want to
filter your messages into.

How to go about that has been discussed on this list today.
Look at some of the previous threads.

Writing offline, logging on and sending: Can be accomplished in
more than one way; in addition to the answer you've already
received you can also configure your pppd setup to use demand
dialling (use pppconfig to set it up). Once you dispatch your
message from within Mutt, Pine whatever, a connection will be
established automatically and your message will fly off to its

Fetching mail: Use fetchmail. There is a GUI to facilitate the

Good luck,


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