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Re: machine hangs after buying new monitor

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 09:49:11PM -0700, Krzys Majewski wrote: 

> OK quickly before it hangs again.. 
> can't be sure they're related, but it only started hanging after I set
> up the new monitor.. new monitor means new modelines etc., so I guess it
> could have  something to do  with my ati  xpert 98 putting  out higher
> bandwidth.. or not at all. It did hang three times with no X running

IMHO the worst thing that can happen if you change your monitor is
that the monitor itself might break and not display anything at
all. It is a passive device which is not able to influence the
Computer in any way.

> though: one  kernel panic  after rebooting from  the first  hang, then
> it hung during  fsck, then it hung at the  login prompt after entering
> runlevel 1.  It's hung about  six times in  the past two hours.  A few
> days ago I  tinkered with the cpu  (put in a new fan)  but no problems
> until  now. Also  I  reinstalled sendmail  last  night, and  installed
> mutt. OK,  I have  no idea. Tried  rerunning lilo  (in case a  bit got
> flipped in the  boot image) as well as another  kernel from floppy, no
> go.  Any suggestions on how to debug this welcome. Not even sure 
> which logs to look through and what for.. -chris

Check the following:
1. RAM
Look for the nice tool "memtest86" (http://freshmeat.net";

2. HD
Use "badblocks" to check if you have got any

3. CPU-fan
Check if it does sit on the CPU perfectly, maybe there is a little
space in there and it gets too hot. Might very well be the reason.


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