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Re: libc6 -- down to potato?

On 15-Oct-2000 Andre Berger wrote:
> Pollywog <pollywog@shadypond.com> writes:
>> On 14-Oct-2000 Andre Berger wrote:
>> > I made a mistake when I upgraded my xemacs21-nomule from the woody
>> > packages -- libc6 was replaced on my potato box. Am I damned to use
>> > woody forever? Seriously, I want the stable version!
>> I have downgraded my libc6 with no problems.  Woody's libc6-dev has a
>> problem
>> in the header file tcp.h, I found out yesterday.
>> --
>> Andrew
> How did you do that? dpkg -i?

Yes, I downloaded the libc6, libc6-dev, and locales packages from the Debian
security updates page.  Those are the latest libc6 packages for Potato.


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