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On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 11:06:42PM +0200, Matthias Mann wrote:
> Dear Debian and Linux-Users!
> (Cause i wrote : which software for professional mailing?)
> I´m so sorry! I had set me under pressure of time and money, cause i have
> very bad  parents and they made very much chaos into my life. So i thought
> spamming is the only way to go out of this bad feelings. Your comments and
> meanings showed me, that there are very better ways to go for me. Thank you
> all!
> For your info : I sent 1000 spams for another buisness that is canceled now.
> And now i know why that was a flop (mistake) [is flop an english word?].

flop is just about the perfect english word.

> Now i don´t will send spams again. And i belive that YOU ALL have right and
> it is the best for me and all others if i use other and more honourable ways
> to show others what i like to sell.

good idea.

you will probably find that you need to broadcast an email message
sooner or later, but please do it openly and in a straightforward
manner. don't use bogus return addresses to keep people from finding
a way to remove themselves frmo your email address list.

always consider your recipient -- give them a means to opt out,
always, always. don't be a spamming banshee that gathers enemies
and ticks people off left & right. not good business.

i've got a service where user1@here.org can sign up user2@there.net
-- but i send only ONE email to user2 to allow them to confirm or opt
out, and THAT'S IT, until they confirm and join fully.

best thing to do is make your service or product one that's appealing;
make a website that highlights the benefits or advantages, and allow
folks to sign up or request more info about it.

things are more like they used to be than they are now.

will@serensoft.com   ***   http://www.dontUthink.com/

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