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Re: SCSI card


>With a bit of research I located this site:
>Which tells me the card is a dtc-3181le and can be set up under linux
>        insmod g_NCR5380 ncr_irq=255 ncr_addr=0x280 dtc_3181e=1 

While not being able to help you directly, I can make a few suggestions.
1) Please don't send a "native" BIG config file to a List.  It is mostly
comprised of what is NOT chosen. The positive information is desirable
and important, but can be substantially truncated as follows, say for
   grep -v not config-2.2.17 > config-2.2.17-yes
The "grep -v not" will exclude only the "not" lines and all the others
will be in the much smaller config-2.2.17-yes
    12100 Oct  5 17:29 config-2.2.17
     3378 Oct 14 11:20 config-2.2.17-yes
2) It is very important to have your card identified correctly.  Your
problem could merely be not EXACTLY correct options during the insmod. 
While running under Windows do:
Start > ControlPanel > System > Devices > Properties, and get as much
information as you can from it.   There should be an FCC-ID on the card,
which you can use to interrogate the Database at:

3) Once you've verified the id, send a query to the Debian's debian_user
<debian-user@lists.debian.org> which have much more depth than this
specialized COLOS List

Good hunting,



Thanks to all for your suggestions so far about my scsi card problems
(my original post is repeated below).

David (Brown), thanks too, but the card does work under windows with my
zip drive, so I don't think the problem is that it is a full true card. 
I am sure it is a lot less than the real deal (it has no internal
connector) but that is not what is stopping it working, as it works just
fine under windoze, for running the zip drive.

Thanks for confirming that it is a scsi, with the old DB25 on the back -
I think there are a lot of people out there with these sorts of cards!

I have asked about getting a scsi card new and prices are $100+, and
then they don't have the DB25 I need to run my zip drive, and I'd have
to buy an expensive adapter as well.  There are a few computer flea
markets around, but I am not too keen on the idea, as I am really busy
right now and driving around to these things, spending $$ on a second
hand card only to find its broken or it isn't the right card is going to
be a real pain!  If I have to buy another card I'll order one over the
'net and I can at least get it replaced if it doesn't work.

But ideally the card I have is just right for what I need, it just needs
to work on my Linux box!

*************** Could it possibly be my kernel config?
I think I have everything on that I need, but my config is attached, if
anyone is inspired to have a look for me!

***************** Original Post ************************

Can anyone help me with getting a scsi card working under Corel linux?

I needed a cheap isa scsi card (pci slots are all full) with a db25
connector for an old zip drive and a friend gave me a dodgy old freebie
apparently comes with umax scanners.  So if I have to go buy a scsi card
that has actual support under linux I guess I will, but that seems too
much like giving up   ;-}

The card came to me in a plain brown box labelled "UDS-IS11", P/N

With a bit of research I located this site:

Which tells me the card is a dtc-3181le and can be set up under linux
        insmod g_NCR5380 ncr_irq=255 ncr_addr=0x280 dtc_3181e=1 

Running this however causes my linux box to hang totally, so it won't
respond to any keystrokes, mouse cursor is frozen, total freeze and hard
reset required.

I suppose at least that says the driver is finding the device, just
doing something very wrong.

Any ideas?


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