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Re: Vim vs Elvis -- was "Mutt's Editor"

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 06:44:26PM +0200, Paul Seelig wrote:

> RefTeX is besides AUCTeX the second best reason to use any kind of
> Emacsen for one's LaTeX editing.  The first best reason for it is
> AUCTeX... ;-)
> I've learned LaTeX a few years ago with vim actually but after having
> become aquainted with AUCTeX/RefTeX on (X)Emacs i finally found a
> reason to start learning Emacsen stuff and have never looked back.
> Just because an (X)Emacs is some sort of Emacsen is no reason to be
> excited about it - but add-ons like AUCTeX/RefTeX and so on definitely
> are.  So don't count me in as an (X)Emacs user, but an avid user of
> AUCTeX/RefTeX, Gnus, and whatever, who actually doesn't really care
> about the editor beneath.  ;-)
> While i still like and eventually use vi for for quick editing tasks,
> i doubt it's even possible to reach that kind of automized high-level
> LaTeX support as encountered in AUCTeX/RefTeX under the vi paradigm.

    Should be on the CTAN then. 

    I just can't stand (X)Emacs. I learned it and used it for 6 months, but as
I do a lot of Perl, and the perl modes are horribly broken, I gave up on it
and went back to Vi. Then I found Vim, and I haven't looked back. 

    Some help with LaTeX tags would be nice, but I have a whole list of
abbreviations and some macros that do nicely for me. 


Michael P. Soulier <msoulier@storm.ca>
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of nerd-like effort."  -Harley Hahn, A Student's Guide to UNIX
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