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Recent Woody update - alsa broke gnome?

After updating to the latest woody, something, I think alsa, broke
gnome.  Both of these groups of packages were updated.

The problem occurs when trying to log into a Sawfish-Gnome session from
gdm - the login window disappears but no Gnome session starts.  Logging
into a console and running top shows that the system is quiet - nothing
looping or zombied.  If I select a Debian session (icewm) I can log in
ok.  Tried a re-boot - no difference.

I tried downgrading some of the packages that had been upgraded and
which might have been responsible but it made no difference.

I then cleared out my /lib/modules and re-compiled my kernel (2.2.17). 
I compile everything I need; SMP, SCSI support, h/w sensors etc. into
the kernel, so the only module that gets made is soundcore.o. 
update-modules ok.  After re-booting again, I was able to start a Gnome
session ok, but with no sound, of course.

I then recompiled the alsa-driver for the sound card support I wanted -
sb8 - ./configure + make install, which went ok.  update-modules ok.

Re-booting again left me with the original problem - unable to start a
gnome session.

I've repeated this process a couple of times with the same results.

I had a look on the bug tracking system under gnome and alsa but didn't
find anything that seemed to apply.  Has anyone else experienced the
same problem, or can anyone tell me what I'm missing, possibly something
obvious, before I bug it?



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