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Re: Potato -newcomerI

Moritz Schulte wrote:

> guran remberg <guran@nr1.nu> writes:
> > My way of using the windowmanager is to have many desktops up with
> > specific programs running concurrently. So I tried to install Helix
> > Gnome with apt-get.
> Yes..
> > There was a hell of a lot of warnings during installation -> what is
> > the
> Which warnings?
>         moritz
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The warnings as I can recall them was about inconsistences, but the program was
forced to do an installation, so it continued. My installation is very fresh, a
couple of hours only, so it must have been about the nominally installed gnome things
in comparison with the Helix stuff.

I have done one installation once befor in RedHat 6.2 but from within a terminal on
X, so I had never seen these warnings befor.


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