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Potato -newcomerI


I have done a new installation of Potato, and have taken away xdm from
all rcx.d and was happy - thanks for the help.

My way of using the windowmanager is to have many desktops up with
specific programs running concurrently. So I tried to install Helix
Gnome with apt-get.

There was a hell of a lot of warnings during installation -> what is the
best way to get a clean installation for an old man who wants to have
many desktops to choose from. Are there other window-stuff than helix
that give that easily grasped view of where you are and where to go? I
could not stand that form used by WindowMaker, and found no information
of programs from those 'balls'.

A very important question!!  How do I do to get spelling to function in
netscape? I used apt-get install netscape and got static ones which
ought to mean that there might be difficulties to have more than one
language and get spelling?


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