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need quick pointer for sound config

Hello, all.

I am getting to that point where I need to get the sound running
on one of my boxes.  It is running Debian 2.2, updated against
the stable tree.  The machine in question is a Dell OptiPlex GX1
w/ onboard sound (CS4236), video, and nic.  I was able to get the
sound originally to work in SuSE 6.4 using OSS.  Once SuSE
updated their kernel for 6.4 to 2.2.16, the version of OSS that
came w/ the boxed set no longer worked.  Alsa didn't seem to want
to work properly, even downloading some of the more recent
versions, so I am somewhat leery of trying alsa again.  I got the
sound working in RedHat 6.2, but it gave a really annoying pop at
the start of every new sound.

What specifically do I need to do to get sound for this box
working?  Is everything in the Sound-HOWTO?  As far as some of
the irq's and dma addresses, how do I figure those out if I don't
have windows on a given machine?

Thanks for your time,


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