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Re: Symlinking /tmp to /var...

Andreas Hetzmannseder wrote:
> Dear debian-users,
> The disk space for my root-partition is 40 MB, while I supplied 80 MB
> for my /var-partition. I would like to make a symbolic link from /tmp,
> which resides in the root partition, to /var.
> This was my plan:
> 1. Copying /tmp to /var/tmp.root (with /var/tmp.root being created)

Try this:
	cp -a /tmp /var
	mv /var/tmp /var/tmp.root

The reason two steps are needed is because the "-a" option on the copy
will create the directory as named. If you tried "cp -a /tmp
the cp command would try to create /var/tmp.root/tmp.

>From there you should be able to rm -r /tmp and then ln -s /var/tmp.root

If the rm doesn't work because of files in use, make sure to kill all
that might be using the tmp.

I would then reboot even though this is not necessary. But I'd do it
anyway because
booting clears the /tmp directory and I'd like a clean start.

Lemme know if that doesn't do the trick...

Ethan Vaughn
aka levithan.net

"RaGe oN oMNiPoTeNT"

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