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Re: Vim vs Elvis -- was "Mutt's Editor"

will trillich wrote:
> Bud Rogers wrote:
> >
> > On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, will trillich wrote:
> >
> > > how does vim compare to elvis? which is the resource hog?
> > > which does better syntax highlighting?
> >
> > I don't know about relative resource use, but vim's syntax highlighting is
> > the best I've seen.  Ever.  Anywhere.
> i'm pretty impressed with elvis's, as well.
> (seems to ship with one little snag in the elvis.ini file,
> but after that's ironed out, i've not seen anything nicer.)
> :disp
>    hex    Binary hex dump
>    html   WWW hypertext
>    man    nroff -man
>    tex    TeX
>   *syntax generic syntax coloring
>    normal Standard vi
> is says 'generic' but it's displaying perl syntax.
> rather robust implementation, too. it falls apart after
> a few multi-line "strings" and doesn't grok the qq//
> syntax, but other than that, elvis is king in my book--

  similar problem in vim: multi line q(sjkdnskdjnvskjd) structure throws
it off if there is eniding character inside of quote, like this:


  would probably not be colorized correctly


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