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Re: Vim vs Elvis -- was "Mutt's Editor"

Bud Rogers wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, will trillich wrote:
> > how does vim compare to elvis? which is the resource hog?
> > which does better syntax highlighting?
> I don't know about relative resource use, but vim's syntax highlighting is
> the best I've seen.  Ever.  Anywhere.

i'm pretty impressed with elvis's, as well.

(seems to ship with one little snag in the elvis.ini file,
but after that's ironed out, i've not seen anything nicer.)

   hex    Binary hex dump
   html   WWW hypertext
   man    nroff -man
   tex    TeX
  *syntax generic syntax coloring
   normal Standard vi

is says 'generic' but it's displaying perl syntax.
rather robust implementation, too. it falls apart after
a few multi-line "strings" and doesn't grok the qq//
syntax, but other than that, elvis is king in my book--

maybe i otta go look at vim and compare the two...


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