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Re: kde2 problem

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 11:26:07AM -0400, Andy Bastien wrote:
> I've installed KDE2 from Debian's servers, but I haven't had much luck
> getting it running.  What happens, basically, is kicker dies with a
> signal 11 almost as soon as it starts up (the status indicator is on
> "Restoring session").  What I do get is a placid blue screen with a
> couple of icons on it.  It looks to me like I'm missing a library, but I
> have no unresolved dependencies.  I've included  what seems to be the
> relevant X output.  Does anybody have any ideas?

Sorry to reply twice.  I had apt-get updated earlier this morning.  There
are a bunch of new .debs since then, so you might want to give them a shot
right now.

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