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Re: Supressing the "front page"

Wayne Topa wrote:

Reading the 'Printing-Usage' howto and man printcap give 2 solutions.
As you don't seem to have those docs (?)

I have the docs. I miss the time :(

I only asked directly to the list (after reading the man page for printcap) because i thought "Hey, maybe someone knows the anwser to this."

Printing-Usage says to invoke the printer with the -h to suppress hte
'burst page' ie lpr -h thesis.txt

this works

man printcap  says thæt :sh:  will suppress the burst header page.

this doesn't

Man, am I glad I run Linux.  Sooo much information available to solve
so many problems.  Of course you have to RTFM.

I to am gald to run linux. I wish i had the time to RTFM, but for that to be possible the day would need 48 hours and I would still work 72 :)

Mario Filipe

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