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Re: Supressing the "front page"

	Subject: Supressing the "front page"
	Date: Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 11:29:30AM +0100

In reply to:Mário Jorge Nunes Filipe

Quoting Mário Jorge Nunes Filipe(mjnf@uevora.pt):
> Hi
> In our department we have a HP LaseJet 4000T with a JetDirect board.
> Our Windows colleagues send things to the printer and it only comes out
> what they send. The linux guy's print things and there is always a "front
> page" with the name of the user, host and file.
> How can i supress this. I'm sending the present printcap entry so that you
> can see it.
> lp|lj|lj4000|HP Laserjet 4000:\
>         :\        :\
>         :lp=:\
>         :sd=/var/spool/lpd/Lj4000:\
>         :\        :\
>         :rm=pserver:\
>         :rp=L1:\
>         :\        :\
>         :pw#80:\
>         :pl#72:\
>         :px#1440:\
>         :mx#0:\
>         :\        :\
>         :ff='\f':\
>         :fq:\
>         :tr='\f'\        :\
>         :if=/etc/magicfilter/psonly600-filter:\
>         :\        :\
>         :af=/var/log/lp-acct:\
>         :lf=/var/log/lp-errs:

Reading the 'Printing-Usage' howto and man printcap give 2 solutions.
As you don't seem to have those docs (?)

Printing-Usage says to invoke the printer with the -h to suppress hte
'burst page' ie lpr -h thesis.txt

man printcap  says thæt :sh:  will suppress the burst header page.

Man, am I glad I run Linux.  Sooo much information available to solve
so many problems.  Of course you have to RTFM.

Why do they call this a word processor? It's simple, ... you've seen
what food processors do to food, right?

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