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Re: Please advise

Quoth Tino Ionescu, 
> 1. Where exactly (or what is the package name) for "printool". I can't       
> find it on the Potatoe CD's. Is there any other tool for installing a     
> printer?

Sorry, can't help you with that one. Try `apt-cache search printool' or
something similar.

> 2. Can anybody direct me where to find the driver for printer  
>    Deskjet 560C? Is it on Potatoe disk  ? I found "djtools" but no           
> driver...

I am currently using a HP 695c, which I believe is similar. The way I
set it up is to install magicfilter and run magicfilter-config, which
sets up your printcap to use the correct printer and filters. It's very
easy, and the HP deskjets seem to be well supported.



BTW, wouldn't it be *extremely* painful to read such a high-traffic list
on a webmail service? Some people gluttons for punishment!

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