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xclients through ssh and docking in windowmaker

I'm trying to start xclients on my router (potato) through a ssh connection
and docking those to windowmaker dock.

I'm executing 'ssh -X flo@synapse /usr/bin/X11/wterm' in a terminal on my
machine. Then I dock the appearing icon.
Now the problem is, somehow my commandline is cutted off to
'/usr/bin/X11/wterm'. The ssh is missing in the settings of the docked app.

Same happens with 'ssh -X flo@synapse /usr/bin/X11/wmnet -W ippp0'.
I also tried 'ssh -X flo@synapse '/usr/bin/X11/wmnet -W ippp0'' with no success.

I'm using
windowmaker 0.62.1-0.1
ssh 2.2.0p1-1
wterm 6.2.6-10
wmnet 1.05-4

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a windowmaker bug?


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