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Re: PCMCIA configuration troubles

Christian Lemer wrote:

> I used pcnetconfig to configure my PCMCIA network
>   Specify the IP address...     NN.MM.OO.17
>   Enter the netmask   
>   Enter the network address:    NN.MM.OO.0     (default)
>   Enter the broadcast address:  NN.MM.OO.255   (default)
>   Enter the gateway address:    NN.MM.OO.254
>   Enter the local domain name:  xxx.yy.xx
>   ... 1st 2nd and 3rd nameservers...
>   no nfs mount poins
> With this configuration I have no route to the gateway...

I've done the same thing and obtained the same result !

I've reinstalled Debian 2.2 (yes, I know, but it work so well.... ;-) and configured
the network at that time, and it works. So just like Christian, I'd like to know the
clean way to achieve the configuration...


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