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debian - newcomer


I am new to this Potato and the installation went nice by Ethernet and
your programs.

I downloaded from INRIA the scilab 2.5 in the deb variety and a
xlib6g_3.3.6-10.deb. When installed , nothing was complained.

Gnome is new to me, most accustomed to KDE, so I have not learned how to
fix an icon to the desk, and launched it from a terminal. Here is what I

guran@Archimedes:~$ scilab
guran@Archimedes:~$ /usr/lib/scilab-2.5/bin/scilex: error in loading
shared libraries: libtk8.0.so: cannot open shared object file: No such
file or directory

then I did:

guran@Archimedes:~$ locate libtk8.0.so

What the fine hell is this, do you get a kick out of adding number to
very ordinary libraries. My intension was to compile LyX from source
with the addition of the needed XForm library. Seems to be a waste of

In the seventies, communist groups were said to become more by internal
division and continous discussions about pure cause, is this your


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