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Upgrade- problem

Hi to all...

I wanted so install the mysql- server last night.  My idea was, go to
tuxfinder.com and get the latest mysql. So, I got the mysql-common,
-client and server in version 3.23.2. . Wenn I install the mysql-client
with dpkg -i, it says, that the package depends on libmysql9, the server
depends on debconf 0.3.88.

So I installed debconf with dpkg, too (I know, this was silly).

Mysql was installed succesfully, but debconf wasn't installed yet,
dselect told me, that the new debconf wasn't installed.
Ehm, when I want to reinstall it with dselect, it says, it depends on
glib6-2.1.94 (?) and this is a woody- library, so I don't install it,
but when I want to remove the broken debconf- package, the half of the
debian- system will be removed :-(.

But, when I run apt-get update -> apt-get upgrade... apt wants to remove
all system, which depends on glib....   which isn't installed. 

I think, when I'm able to reinstall the potato debconf, it will fix the
problem, tell me, if I wrong!

How can I fix this problem?

thnx for your help!


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Jan- Hendrik Palic
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