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Writing scripts and online support

How about apt-get install bash-doc?  man bash will give you a lot of
info about shell scripting with bash.

On Oct 10, JP Sartre (jpsartre@home.com) wrote:
 > Hi all.. this isn't debian specific, but I'll ask this of you because only
 > smart people use debian.. right? :)
 > Anyhow, I want to learn how to do basic scripts to perform tasks, as well
 > as getting to learn cron and similar daemons.. aside from going out and
 > buying a few perl books (which I intend to someday) are there any good
 > online sources for basic script writing? 
 > I ask this because I need to write basic scripts for renaming a number of
 > files and to perform tasks which I will be going often..
 > For instance, I would like to rename some wav files to 01.wav, 02.wav
 > etc. and renaming 01-A_Wav.wav and 02-Another_Wav.wav to 01.wav and 02.wav
 > seems tedious. I know a simple script file could do this. 
 > Anyhow, I know there must be a decent resource list for script writing,
 > and am curious what people suggest are the best places to look. Thanks
 > guys!
 > JP
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Neil L. Roeth

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