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Re: Port Forwarding (reverse masquerading)

Hi Peter!

> ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L extIP 80 -R 80
> extIP is my IP if ya didnt catch on ;) but when I try to connect to
> the router on port 80 it just hangs there.. saying contacting server..
> but if I go straight to it loads very well.. Any ideas on
> what is causing this? I apologize if this is a repeat subject, I have
> seen anything on this so I decided to email.. Big thanks in advance..

Umm... I haven't used ipmasqadm or port forwarding, but presumably
extIP is your *real* IP, eg the one on the internet?  If so are you
connecting using the internal ip or whatever?  I wouldn't
have thought that would work, if its what you're doing.

Just a thought.
Sean Furey, a happy and satisfied Debian user.

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