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Re: raid setup

It is quite doable...

I suggest you use the latest stable kernel with the raid0.90 patches which
can be downloaded from http://people.redhat.com/mingo/raid-patches

You will need to use the raidtools2 package instead of raidtools or
mdutils. You can put everything on raid1 even root, if you want.

For documentation on what to do, look at the docs of the raidtools2
package. Everything is in there in details. I have put together a system
following instructions in it. (It is useful to use a third hard drive to
put the initial system on, or partition the system according to what you
will need to do (you will need a separate partition for the initial system
root, and the raid-root partitions will be created later).

I will put together a patched version of the install system so that one
will be able to install debian into raid1-root directly, and if I succeed,
I will post my work.


Robert Varga

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Chris Mason wrote:

> I had a drive failure yesterday so I am re-thinking my file server. I would
> like to setup my debian machine as my file server with two drives, each 20
> GB or more. I would like one to mirror the other, either as a raid setup or
> just copying files that have changed every hour. The idea is not to protect
> me against stupidity, but against mechanical failure.
> I use the fileserver mainly for making a large number of images available on
> the network, and for components of collaborative design projects, also
> mainly images. A drive failure can set us back days, and I have found tape
> drives to be useless. Even if they do back everything up, it takes too long
> to find and restore anything.
> I'm looking at a couple of cheap Seagate 20 GB drives, I would even consider
> 3 drives in a parity raid if that was do-able. Any comnments?
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