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raid setup

I had a drive failure yesterday so I am re-thinking my file server. I would
like to setup my debian machine as my file server with two drives, each 20
GB or more. I would like one to mirror the other, either as a raid setup or
just copying files that have changed every hour. The idea is not to protect
me against stupidity, but against mechanical failure.
I use the fileserver mainly for making a large number of images available on
the network, and for components of collaborative design projects, also
mainly images. A drive failure can set us back days, and I have found tape
drives to be useless. Even if they do back everything up, it takes too long
to find and restore anything.
I'm looking at a couple of cheap Seagate 20 GB drives, I would even consider
3 drives in a parity raid if that was do-able. Any comnments?

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